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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Preacher...

Ed is ordained with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. He and his son Casey co-pastor both, “The Gathering Place” in Osoyoos and “Cowboy Church” in Rock Creek. He is also the president of Eagles Nest Ministries, and Chaplain with Canwest Fire Services. His wife Judi is the Praise and Worship leader at both churches. He and his family operate a 160 acre cattle and horse ranch. They are in the process of building a Christian Retreat on their property, in hopes to minister to the body of Christ.

Ed and Casey are also trainers for the West Boundary Heavy Rescue Unit and instructors for Saving Our Own Hands On Training for firefighters across British Columbia.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

From The Back Pew IV

During our prayer meetings and our fasting times God has been making Isaiah’s cry our cry as well. "Oh, that You would rend the heavens and that you would come down and that the mountains would shake at Your presence."

We are desperate for a Heaven-sent revival. We long for the restoration of the God’s Presence in our lives and in our church. We blush as we consider the modern-day church. It is High time to rebuild the churches with God’s resurrection power. Too many of our Pentecostal assemblies are devoid of the power of God and vacated by the youth.

"Oh, that you would rend the Heavens and come down" has always been the cry of the true Church, that living organism...the Body of Christ.

It seems that there is a growing realization for the great need for this to happen throughout the world again. Small groups of believers are fasting and praying through. God do it again!
We humble ourselves in prayer, seeking His face, we want to be those people that were absent in Isaiah 64… “There were none that stirred themselves up to take a hold of God!” We want God!

We are hungry for more than some warm and fuzzy religious retreat. We’ve done enough retreating! We are hungry for more than some devil tolerating, worldly compromising, harmless Spiritual Emphasis Week. We certainly long for more than a mere denominational drive or some wicked denominational PR ladened mission. We want to take a hold of God and absolutely nothing else will satisfy us. Don’t bother telling us that it can’t be done!
God has done it before… and He can do it again!

O God, split the skies and come down again in mighty power as you used to do. Lord, DO IT AGAIN!

From The Back Pew III

We live in an hour when the foundations of civilization are crumbling, the night of apostasy is deepening, lawlessness runs wild to its awful climax, the powers of Anti-Christ increase and abound, and wars and rumors of wars belt the globe. Yet the Church of God, with the only hope and cure for mankind's sin and misery, rests, for the most part, at ease in Zion, and we who claim that Name above every name make mud pies and daisy chains and twiddle our thumbs while a world sweeps over the brink of disaster.

We preach a Gospel that is God's dynamite and we live firecracker lives.

We sing of showers of blessing and the old-time power and faith, the victory and higher ground, and then we leave it all in the hymn books and go home.

We read that when our Lord held a service the congregation went home amazed and glorifying God and filled with fear and saying, "We have seen strange things today" Luke 5:26.

How many, do you think, go from our meetings today in such a frame of mind?

Please join us at 10:30 Sunday mornings for a relevant time of Family Worship.
The Gathering Place, not your typical church.
We are located at 42 Finch Crescent, (next to McDonalds).

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

From The Back Pew II

Communion, for the Christian is typically thought of as taking the cup of wine and bread representing the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ. This service is traditionaly held on the first Sunday of the month. However, just partaking of the emblems isn’t enough. The blood and bread must be accompanied by fire. We have fundamentalism and facts; we have activity and earnestness and sincerity; we even have blood-washed and blood-nourished Christians, well-taught in the Word, WHO STILL LACK FIRE.

Some are prejudiced against it, identifying any definite experience of the Spirit with fanaticism. Some see nothing but a gradual growth in grace. Some mistake the indwelling of the Spirit for the infilling. Some have "received" with a cheap and easy "believism" who somehow did not receive after all. For many reasons the church is largely behind closed doors as before Pentecost, and believers try to stir up a fire from their own sparks instead of being set on fire of God. As a pastor I would rather deal with wildfire than no fire.

Please join us at 10:30 Sunday mornings for a relevant time of Family Worship
The Gathering Place, not your typical church.
We are located at 42 Finch Crescent, (next to McDonalds).