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To God be the glory!

Friday, March 05, 2010

O Happy Day

I am writing to you from the Shores in Canada's only desert. It is plus 2o in the shade and the sky is clear from here to the gates of heaven. I am in one of my many offices in Osoyoos. Today it is the Shores restaurant. A great cup of coffee and delicious home made pie - mmmmmm! I'd tell you it was lemon morange but I can't spell morange. I am working on Sunday's message, while hoping for an opportunity to witness for our precious Savior. I love where the Lord has planted us. There are many incredible people here... one of them is Pat.

I just dropped into his ranch about an hour ago. I was with him and his wife just days before she passed away.... she had called for the "cowboy preacher" to come and read out of the good book for her. I was pleased to do so and was rewarded by being able to pray with her. A week later I was doing her service up in Rock Creek at the Fair Grounds. That was last year and today Pat and I talked about what cowboys love to talk about - cattle - good horses and ranching. As I listened to my old friend I was pleased to see the light in his eyes sparkle as he told me the secrets of ranching in our desert land. As always with these type of guys I gleaned a little more knowledge about how things are to be done.

To whosoever reads this - have a great day - and please give the heavens more than just a pass'n glance.

Ed (whosoever) Brouwer