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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bible Junkie

I have a confession to make…. I’m a junkie …. A bible junkie
It all started—I was sitting in the park and I saw a little black book under the bench I picked it up and thumbed through it — it was a pocket size New Testament I thumbed through it some more and then I did it I read a verse

Don’t ask me why though because Lord knows I didn’t want to.

I read a verse it was in Matthew … within a couple of days I was through Mark and Luke and heading toward John. It was just the start though—I went on to bigger things I read a full King James with concordance. I went out and got about 8 different bibles I stashed them every where, my drawers, my car and the water cooler at work. I couldn’t go thru the day without the Word….. that’s addict slang for the Bible.

Well I was doing ok….. but then one weekend I went to the mountains and I forgot my bible…. Its hard to talk about now, I got the shakes and broke out in a cold sweat I might not have made if I hadn’t found a boy scout who read me John 3:16 for 4 hours straight.

Well pretty soon my so called friends found out about it…. I was reading a lot but I wasn’t blind…. all of a sudden I didn't get invited to those kinds of parties anymore. The college newspaper voted me most likely to be come a nun.

It didn’t bother me though…. it really didn’t bother me until a couple of months ago this girl I liked her dad said he didn’t want his daughter hanging around with my kind of guy … my kind of guy like I had a disease or something … I don’t know how he found out about — he must of seen my tracks.

Didn’t stop me though I just got deeper I started pushing … I started getting other people hooked. Yea I know what your thinking…. I’m a real sico…. a real scum But Hey I’ve been to doctors and they couldn’t help they put me on dosages of awake and it just put me to sleep

I didn’t know where to turn ,my friends couldn’t help, my girl left me... then one day I slowed down and instead of just reading the Bible I started believing it and as if believing wasn’t enough I started living it all of a sudden I realized I didn’t have a problem anymore because it didn’t matter what my friends or my girl’s dad or the doctors thought of me... alls that matters is that Jesus loves me and that right there is so neat.

I’m proud not to be just a bible junkie but a Jesus junkie I’m hooked but I’m hooked on the real thing. thank you.