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To God be the glory!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This past week has been very moving for me. It started out when Casey and I reviewed a little audio clip. I had heard this before but I found I was instantly in a state of weepiness.

I wanted more than anything to be the one preaching those wonderful statements. “Are you going to the revival?” “What church?” “It doesn’t matter.”

Imagine God moving in Osoyoos—not just in a church but in all of the town. I long for my sons and daughter to see—to experience—to be a part of a God ordained REVIVAL.

I am very excited about what God has done in the past and certainly as to what He is doing right now. However, I hunger for more! There has got to be more! This can’t be all that there is, God our God says He wants to do more than our minds can imagine.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Influenced By C.S. Lewis "Mere Christianity"

Those visiting our fellowship should be warned that we offer no help to anyone who is as they say, “church shopping”. If you are hesitating between two Christian "denominations", you will not learn from us whether you ought to become an Anglican, a Baptist, a Pentecostal or a Presbyterian. This is intentional (even in the list I have just given the order is alphabetical). We are not better or worse than any other Christian church in Osoyoos, just different.
There is no mystery about our own position. We are very ordinary people who are in relationship with an extra ordinary God. We are part of Life Church International, but we are not trying to convert anyone to our own position. We have the utmost confidence that God, our God is able to direct you to the fellowship of believers that will best suit your path in life.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sad News

Our dear friends and co-pastors Keith and Lynne Jones have sold their home in Osoyoos and are moving to Greenwood. This is mainly for health reasons but I got to say they will surley be missed.

We are going to continue working together through The Gathering Place and Sidley Mountain Cowboy Church, but they were so involved in our Main Street mionistry that God will have to bring four people in to replace them. This is not a "blessed subtraction" this couple has won my heart and respect and I will miss my time with them.

We will have a "Going Away" get together for the Jones in late April.